This is the most reliable advice you will ever receive, and here is why:

It’s 2005, I take a cruise in Greece on the Aegean. A few months later, the same exact ship runs aground and sinks. Fast forward to 2009, I travel the mid-northern part of Italy. A few weeks later, Italy is hit with a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that results in the death of 308 people.

The advice on this site will literally help you avoid shipwrecks and natural disasters.

Myself at the Ponte Vecchio, Florence

I’m kidding. Unfortunately I cannot be your travel Yoda, explain to you the ways of the force, and make all of your ventures hassle free. Instead, I will share with you some travel advice and tips, recommendations to some of the best places I have seen or stayed at, and most importantly, stories of things that have happened to me during my travels, both good and bad, and what I learned from them. My hope is that after reading, you will take something away from here that will help you while you make your way around the world. If you don’t, well, I hope you have a laugh or two along the way. And remember, at the end of the day, this is all just unreliable travel advice from a stranger.